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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are the Giveaways?2020-09-08T04:38:31-07:00

We normally run 60 Hour Giveaways – Month Giveaways and then announce the Giveaway winners after the giveaway concludes on our Instagram LIVE at @socialflutterco, or our partner’s Instagram story.

How does Sponsoring a Social Flutter Giveaway Work?2020-09-08T05:58:57-07:00

Social Flutter manages Celebrity Influencer Giveaways.

Influencer giveaway’s work as follows:

  1. One or several of the Social Flutter celebrity influencers promotes the Giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram main feed, Instagram Live, and Instagram Story.
  2. The Influencer asks their followers to go to @socialflutterco or another partner on Instagram and follow everyone they follow to be entered into the Giveaway.
  3. By sponsoring the Giveaway you will be one of the accounts that @socialflutterco or our partner’s Instagram will follow during the term of the Giveaway.
What types of people are entering the Social Flutter Giveaways?2020-09-08T06:00:37-07:00

The entrants of each Giveaway vary depending on the Influencer promoting the particular Giveaway. With that being said, Social Flutter focuses on mostly North American Giveaways, where the only Entrants that are allowed to be entered into the Giveaway are residents of the United States and 18+ years of age (or above the age of majority in their state) however there will be a few times you will see WORLDWIDE Giveaways as well.

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